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Valuation for Transaction Purposes

Receive an accurate property valuation for all your buy/sell transactions


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Valuation is a crucial stage in deciding to buy or sell a property. Whether you are an investor, property user, financial institution, public-sector body or private individual, we produce reliable valuations for you while supporting and guiding you on all types of property.

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To receive an objective, reliable and fast valuation for your negotiations

To be in a position to meet a number of needs for decision-taking regarding your short-, medium- and long-term property spending, you need to:

  • Value your property under market conditions
  • Analyse the factors influencing your property's value 
  • Protect the confidentiality of your valuations 
  • Adhere to an operational timetable

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Accurately value your properties quickly

Delivering the reliability and flexibility necessary for valuing your assets:

  • Analysis of market conditions by experts provided with in-depth reports and up-to-date data on market trends by our Research department
  • Provide a reliable valuation based on the appropriate valuation methodology
  • Supporting and guiding you in your due diligence and working quickly on portfolios of various size in Europe
  • Issuing accurate valuations with summaries or full reports. Regardless of the property type, our valuers are able to work with all types of property and have tried and tested comparison data available

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Trustworthy property valuations

You gain the benefit of a full and accurate valuation, enabling you to:

  • Receive a clear and justified valuation document backed by the expertise of a leading company
  • Include specific factors relating to your property in every valuation
  • Work with an experienced and dedicated team, specialising in particular property types and regions
  • Receive a comprehensive analysis of comparable properties , our national coverage and extensive knowledge of previous transactions ensure that the most up-to-date data is used
  • Be confident that our valuations are accepted by financial institutions

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