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Valuation for Perfomance Monitoring

Assess the profitability of your property portfolio


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Realistically determining your property assets’ performance requires reliable and regularly-updated information. This need is particularly important against a backdrop of volatile markets and contradictory data.

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To have the necessary indicators available to manage your assets

Measuring the financial performance of your portfolio, by regularly and accurately monitoring your assets’ value:

  • Accurately valuing each of your properties, and the ability to measure their performance at any time  
  • Identifying the levers by which returns can be improved 
  • Using consistent valuation methods and measurements over time
  • Reviewing the assumptions used by your asset managers for a broader and more independent picture of your portfolio
  • Reassuring your partners and meeting their requirements

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Regular valuation of your assets and the issuing of recommendations

We provide up-to-date information and work towards enabling you to best manage your property portfolio:

  • Determining the pace and timetable of valuation
  • Selecting valuation methods on the basis of the properties owned and current regulatory factors
  • Producing a detailed report presenting your assets’ strengths and weaknesses, plus any applicable opportunities and threats
  • Issuing valuation recommendations, identifying areas for improvement for each property, establishing scenarios on the basis of outlook reports and measuring return on investment

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Improved performance from your property portfolio

Receive reliable valuations compliant with international procedures to effectively manage your assets and optimise their performance:

  • A valuation taking account of market realities, as a result of our property market experience and ongoing intelligence gathering 
  • A reliable management mechanism for your property portfolio
  • Peace of mind in producing financial statements for accountants and shareholders 
  • Bespoke consultancy from a dedicated contact point who makes use of specialised experts locally and internationally for all asset types
  • Increased financing from your bank and your lenders
  • Consistency in valuation methods by means of our recognised international network

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