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Valuation for Acounting Purposes

Valuation that complies with international accounting standards


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Our experience enables us to deliver a clear and accurate valuation of your assets for your balance sheet. Our valuers fully understand current accounting standards, meaning you receive reports and information that meet the requirements of relevant third parties.

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To comply with accounting standards

An accurate valuation of your property assets for your balance sheet requires meeting of a number of key objectives: 

  • Accurate valuation of each of your properties on their respective markets
  • Meeting your reporting and disclosure obligations towards third parties, such as financial analysts, shareholders, associates, investors and creditors
  • Complying with current international IFRS and IAS accounting standards

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Provide an accurate valuation of your assets within your balance sheet

Benefit from our experts in-depth knowledge of standards and their developments, together with advice on:

  • Applying accounting standards appropriate to the nature of your investment (property held as a financial investment or operationally) and the construction stage (buildings in progress)
  • Calculating the fair value and by additional calculations (component approach, property or land proportions, etc.), as the case may be
  • Valuing property investment companies by determining the restated net asset value in accordance with the standards, e.g.  the Property Valuation Charter produced by the French Institute of Property Valuation, valuation standards from RICS, TEGoVA's EVS   
  • Analysing the accounting consequences of scenarios matching your strategy and identifying the potential risks
  • Support regarding your annual audits by providing the necessary information to your auditors and chartered accountants

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Transparency relative to partners and third parties

You benefit from a full and accurate valuation, delivering you:

  • Clear and transparent management of information disclosed to third parties on the market value of your property assets
  • A high-calibre service from RICS-certified experts specialising in different asset types and regions providing you with the benefit of their market knowledge and best practices in your business sector  
  • Minimised potential risk to your portfolio through regular monitoring of market variations

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