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At BNP Paribas Real Estate, we are shaping the future according to our vision for the real estate of tomorrow.

With a presence in 24 countries and over 100 years of experience, BNP Paribas Real Estate delivers deep local real estate expertise enhanced by a robust understanding of global trends and world-class leadership.

The rules of the game have changed, and the job market has shifted to a candidate-driven market. Our commitment to recruit you is as strong as your choice to choose us!

Joining the adventure at BNP Paribas Real Estate means embodying our values and convictions. You will take up concrete challenges that meet current and future societal challenges. During your career with the company, you may experience a real estate profession that you have not yet imagined

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Our know-how has been based on the expertise of our employees for more than 50 years. To rise to the major challenges of the real estate world, we rely on each employee’s commitment and our shared values.


We use our real estate expertise to support climate change mitigation and help develop smart and sustainable real estate solutions. We believe that the buildings of the future can create sustainable cities, thereby promoting economic, environmental, social and civic wellbeing. We expect all our employees to be proactive and convinced about the importance of sustainable development.


Established in 24 countries, our direct operations give us a detailed understanding of local markets, while our alliance network provides international coverage across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.  Our teams gain international experience and work in a European environment.






We recognise the value of sharing knowledge and expertise with each other. We encourage the professional development of our staff on a daily basis. They can choose from a wide range of learning programmes in innovative formats.


We have developed a dedicated, personalised and increasingly digital experience to support the professional development of all employees. Our ambition is to become THE BENCHMARK with respect to innovating and learning new real estate skills and expertise


We are all unique and every career path is different. Each employee is responsible for their own development. There are multiple and varied career opportunities during one’s professional life. The depth of our business lines means that the possibilities are endless.






Diversity is not just a question of gender, physical ability, skin colour, age or origin; inclusion means respecting uniqueness and allowing each employee to daily be themselves. At a time of new challenges and in a context where we must strengthen social ties and help prevent cutting ourselves off from others, the notions of diversity and inclusion are more essential than ever.


Being open-minded also means having the capacity to move forward, constantly stay ahead of the curve, challenge the way we work, and embrace innovation to drive progress. We encourage all employees to progress, be creative and to constantly reinvent themselves.

Our company operates in a living society, which requires our openness to the world. We are sensitive to social issues and we encourage our employees to take the same approach.






We are passionate market leaders in the Real Estate industry. We are forward-thinkers and engage with the ever-changing dynamics of our clients and colleagues.


Providing a workplace environment and tools to effectively work wherever you are, encouraging you to be creative, agile and innovative is a good thing. Creating an environment where you feel safe, proud of what you do, where you can advance your own pace, and proactively manage your career is even better!


Managers lead by example, developing ways to co-construction and helping their team members realise their full potential.  Whether in the office or remotely, the ingredients of good management are above all mutual respect, trust, meaning, flexible work methods, collaborative thinking and a culture of sharing.